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​Rev. Arnel Estrella

As of this writing, this is my 21st day as an Associate Pastor for the Parishes of Christ the King here in Leechburg, and St. Gertrude in Vandergrift.  Since my arrival here in the Diocese of Greensburg, I have been to three parishes (unofficially), that is the Parishes of St. Rose of Lima in Latrobe, the Parishes of Saints Cyril and Methodius in Fair Chance, with its partner Parish, St. Huber in Point Marion.  Later, I was transferred to St. Peter's in Brownsville (Fayette County).

Officially, I have been to two parishes.  As an Associate Pastor in St. Barbara Parish in Harrison City for a year and two months and in West Newton at Holy Family Parish as Sacramental Minister after which I have to take a respite for health reasons.

Waiting for a parish assignment then was my constant prayer.  And on September 14, 2017, the Bishop, along with the Vicar General called me up to tell me that they are giving me an assignment to be the Associate Pastor of Christ the King and St. Gertrude Parishes.  Perhaps an answer to my prayers.

A lot of transition.  As one writer said: "Transitions are never comfortable.  Some of these we freely choose.  Some are thrust upon us against our will.  Some just creep up quietly...but they all have this in common; they change us whether we like it or not...and there is no option of going back.  It moves only in one direction: FORWARD." ----Margaret Silf.

In times of transition, personal or collective, if we allow God to lead, it is always towards full life and new sunbursts.  WALK ON!

I'm glad to serve the parishes of Christ the King and St. Gertrude with God's grace!

Rev. Arnel A Estrella